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pass 42
0pass simple_word_eval doesn't split, glob, or elide empty
1pass simple_word_eval and strict_array conflict over globs
2pass simple_word_eval and glob
3pass parse_at
4pass parse_at can't be used outside top level
5pass sourcing a file that sets parse_at
6pass parse_at can be specified through sh -O
7pass @a splices into $0
8pass ARGV is alias for "$@"
9pass shopt -s strict:all
10pass shopt -s oil:basic
11pass osh -O oil:basic
12pass osh -O errexit: use -O everywhere, even for Bourne options
13pass osh -O invalid
14pass oil:basic includes inherit_errexit
15pass parse_brace: bad block to assignment builtin
16pass parse_brace: bad block to external program
17pass parse_brace: cd { } in pipeline
18pass parse_brace: if accepts blocks
19pass parse_brace: brace group in if condition
20pass parse_brace: while/until
21pass parse_brace: for-in loop
22pass parse_brace case
23pass parse_paren: if statement
24pass parse_paren: while statement
25pass while subshell without parse_paren
26pass parse_paren: for loop
27pass parse_equals: allows bare assignment
28pass parse_equals: disallows ENV=val mycommand
29pass parse_equals: disallows var=val
30pass nullglob is on with oil:basic
31pass nullglob is on with oil:all
32pass shopt -s simple_echo
33pass shopt -s dashglob
34pass shopt -s oil:basic turns some options on and others off
35pass oil:basic disables aliases
36pass sigpipe_status_ok
37pass printf | head regression (sigpipe_status_ok)
38pass redefine_proc for shell functions
39pass redefine_proc for procs
40pass redefine_proc is on in interactive shell
41pass redefine_module is on in interactive shell
42 passed, 0 OK, 0 not implemented, 0 BUG, 0 failed, 0 timeouts, 0 cases skipped